No Scary Git

All you need to know to work on Github with very small team in 3 min.

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Create Repo

Create a new repository

Give repo name. Can be changed later.

  • Public

    Anyone can see

  • Private

    You control who can see


    The first page people see when open your repo. Usually in Markdown


repo’s settings -> Collaborator -> [type Github account] -> invite

(optional) copy invite link (or create one:[Your User Name]/[Your Repo Name]/invitations)


Click the invitation link

Fetch files from Github to local

git clone[Your User Name]/[Your Repo Name].git

If you are not owner or collaborator, you need to fork the repo and clone from your repo. If you just want to download other’s repo, use their “.git” link found in Clone or download, the big green button.

Edit files

Use your editor.

Save the changes (commit)

Commit is to “save your changes”.

One reason why we use git is because it can revert changes and it separates “your currently working tree” and “committed files” that are stored in “.git” folder.

(in the root dir of the repo in your local)

git add .
git commit -m "[A Message for this commit]"

“git add .” actually “stages” the files. But you don’t need to know the difference right now.

Upload your changes

git push origin master

origin is the upstream.

master is the name of the branch you are working on.

If you are owner of collaborators, you can choose to make the change instantly (you have other choices in settings).

If you are not, you need to push to your repo and create a Pull Request in the original repo to actually contribute your changes.

Download Changes of Other People

git pull origin

Start from Local

Initialize an empty local git repo

git init

Maybe you also need to set the upstream too. Just follow the instruction.

Best Friend

git help [command]

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